Bay Area Event Photography provides a wide range of photographic services.

  • Convention & Conferences: Multi-Day Conventions, Single Day Conferences;
  • Evening Events:Sales Award Programs, Social Events, Receptions, Private Events;
  • Group and Personal Travel: executive Off-sites, Incentive Sales Programs, President’s Club;
  • Destination Travel Photography;
  • Press Programs:Corporate Communications, Editorial Business Profiles, Spot News;
  • Tradeshow Booth Photography: Individual Booths or Full Tradeshows, multiple levels of imaging;
  • Onsite Printing: open air photo stations for Holiday parties and sponsored attendee giveaways, green screen and branding of images come standard; and,
  • 360 Degree Panoramas:Show case venues, for Virtual Events.

We engage our clients to review the requirements and make recommendations to accomplish their goals. These discussions identify the scope of execution, whether it be one photographer, multiple photographers, assistants and possible additional gear. Once the scope of the work is understood, the client is provided with a quote detailing all aspects of the production, post production, usage rights and delivery

Photography Post Production

Post Production

What is “Post Production”? “Post” as its normally called, is the process of digital selection and retouching to generate the final set of images for delivery. This is the quiet part of our services, but accounts for at least 50% of the time on the client’s project. Post production is included on all client work, for color correction, exposure correction, cropping, noise reduction, and more. The level of post production work depends on the level of service purchased.

Delivery of Photography


The king is Dead, Long live the King! Paper as a delivery medium is long gone. As a matter of fact, Bay Area Event Photography has cancelled its online e-commerce site for selling and delivering prints. Digital delivery is the norm for today with various options available. We employ FTP/WEB and cloud services for delivery of client work. Of course, if needed, the client may request and receive physical media client archival purposes.

Creative License Rights

Photography Usage Rights

“Usage” rights are how images can be used and are broken down into three categories – Editorial, Promotional, and Full Commercial. The following three sections describe the levels of service and matching usage.

Editorial Usage is for the purposes of press releases, newspapers, internal documentation, and personal use.

Promotional Usage includes the Editorial usage, but also may be used in promotional materials related to the event or event services. Clients typically use these images for a web portfolio or case study of the event, for promotional of the event or services.

Full Commercial Usage is the next step above Promotional Usage. This is where images have either been created strictly for a commercial use, or are published out of the context of the event. An example of unrelated usage would be to use event images for selling baby diapers, cigars, or automobiles. With Commercial Usage, you receive specifc usage rights to the photos.


Choosing Your Level of Service and Pricing

The following three sections describe the normal work Bay Area Event Photography provides for customers. You will most likely find your work covered in one of these scenarios. If you have any questions, please give us a call and we will help you determine your level of service.

Silver star

Standard Services (Tier 3):

  • Press Assignments for newspapers, magazines, newsletters;
  • Corporate ID and Press releases;
  • Social and Charitable events for attendees to have photos;
  • Personal Travel and Group Travel Entourage, for personal use;
  • Personal events, again, for personal use; and,
  • Graduation/Commencement ceremonies.

gold star

Premium Services (Tier 2):

  • Corporate Conventions, Conferences, Tradeshows, where images are used to promote next year’s event;
  • Show productions and performances, where images are used for promotion, in print and web display;
  • Corporate ID Promotional Campaigns, such as showing busy attendees around a brand, again for use in promotional materials around the event; and,
  • Tradeshow Booth Architectural Stills.


Commercial Usage (Tier1):

  • In-studio Full Production Commercial Creative;
  • On-site Full Production Commercial Creative;
  • Executive Portraits; and,
  • Use of images for regional or national ad campaigns.

Our Post Production Process Breakdown

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Imaging is limited to cropping, color, highlights, shadows and contrast adjustments on the photo as a whole. Minor “dodging and burning” is allowed within the image. This process is based on industry standards of “darkroom techniques” employed with film processing. No content editing is allowed for these images. This fits with ethics requirements for press release and editorial use.

Image retouching is given more latitude from Tier 3, to edit the content within the image. These techniques include object removal, color replacement, skin and facial blemish removal, etc. These images are for promotional usage, andverising and more. Sometimes these images are referred to as “illustrations” in the press industry.

This imaging is the most intense, in terms of digital editing and time commitment. This level of imaging is based on imaging rules created by Getty Images, the world’s largest stock agency. The time spent editing an image is, at least, one order of magnitude higher than Tier 2 imaging. The time chart, in figure 1, gives you an idea of how much more effort and time it takes to create “Getty Ready” images.