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What Makes Us Different?

Photography for Conventions, Conferences, and Corporate Communications.

Bay Area Event Photography has recently passed it’s 13th year in business. We specialize in photojournalism of Conventions, Conferences, Press assignments, Social Events and more. We invite you to read on to learn what makes our work unique in this field.

Choosing a photographer – Why Bay Area Event Photography?

All successful events build a human experience around a theme or branding. Bay Area Event Photography is raising the bar on event photography by capturing the human experience through World Class photojournalism. With World Class images of your event, you can sustain your presence with customers through great moments around your brand.

Are not all photographers the same?

Emphatically No! Photography is a skill-set, not a commodity. The vast difference between photographers is technical know-how, perspective with experience, and having the right equipment on-hand. These three fundamentals allow your photographer to successfully execute great images in every situation.

Washington Post article photos by Bay Area Event Photography

Bay Area Event Photography contributed to The Washington Post’s article on Santa Fe’s “Lucky Number Seven” art show.

How is Bay Area Event Photography Different?

Bay Area Event Photography staff use multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and multiple lighting techniques on every job. The result is a HUGE difference that makes our work an order of magnitude greater than the competition. It is effectively like having three photographers onsite instead of one.

Unfortunately, the event photography field is dominated with mediocre players. What we see on a daily basis is 99% of event photographers using one camera, one lens, and a flash mounted on top of the camera. Remember, this is one setup, with one look, and a mediocre one at best. The resulting images tend to look no different than what amateurs create with little point-and-shoot pocket cameras. The best event photographers will use multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and different lighting techniques to capture a wide range of images.

Bay Area Event Photography DifferenceWith all the equipment on-hand and extensive repertoire of techniques, Bay Area Event Photography is able to consistently delivery the highest quality images on every event. Our specialty is bringing World Class photojournalism to the table, with consistent images that you typically see in the New York Times, Washington Post, and other national press organizations.

For onsite production, our staff uses multiple cameras, multiple lenses, and multiple lighting techniques for a wide array of “looks” of your event. From this combination, you can have wide-angle panoramic views to telephoto close-ups, with the use of natural lighting or natural looking strobe lighting. With all this equipment on-hand and extensive repertoire of techniques, Bay Area Event Photography is able to consistently deliver great images at event.

Post Production – What you should be receiving in all photography

All photography services, whether film or digital have two components – onsite production and afterwards, the post-production. When the event is over, the job is literally half done.

Post-production editing and imaging is a critical component to photography. What would Ansel Adams be without his darkroom techniques? For us, when the event is over, we’re only half done. No assignment is ever complete without this process. Immediately following, our operations team performs digital image enhancements on the selected images for proper color and exposure. We also offer extended imaging services for illustrative purposes, to enhance or remove objects, and even generate 360-degree virtual panoramas. This digital post-production is a normal course of business to deliver a complete set of edited photographs that represent the best of your event.

NY Times article photo by Bay Area Event Photography

Bay Area Event Photography’s work was also included in a New York Times article.

Your ROI Advantage

Are your investment dollars in photography at risk? Yes, when your photographers cannot prove consistent World Class work. When you buy photography, having confidence in your purchase starts with knowing your team and track record. We strive to make every shot a portfolio masterpiece; there’s really no other reason for making images. Whether you take delivery via the web or in print, you can trust your photography will be of World Class excellence.

Remember, when the show ends, only the images remain. Having World Class images of your past successes will lend itself to future business, which is all about reaching your bottom line.

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