Case Study: Cisco Partner Summit

The following is a case study of photography services for a large corporate event. This case study is presented to show scalability of Bay Area Event Photography services. Though ninety percent of our work requires a single photographer, we regularly handle large events that require multiple photographers over mutiple days. The following is a debriefing given to a client from one of their recent large events where we handled all the photography for the event.

This corporate event consisted of two parts over two weeks:

  • Evening events for the company Leadership Forum, April 2-4th, consisting of 3 photography assignments, and one on-site printing service.
  • Overall Convention coverage starting Monday April 7th through Thursday April 10th. Full coverage was comprised of the overall show photography plus 25 individual assignments and one on-site printing service.

End clients for photography included:

  • Client internal event management team,
  • Client internal press team,
  • US/Canada, Emerging Markets, Japan, APAC, and Europe worldwide theaters,
  • The general contractor event management company,
  • And the show vendor for all graphics.

Staffing for the entire program consisted of:

  • 10 Photographers
  • 8 Assistants
  • 1 General Manager

Total time spent from beginning to end:

  • 3 man-days of accumulated hours spent on client meetings, conference calls,
  • research and scheduling of photographers prior to the show.
  • 1.5 man-days for shooting the Leadership Forum evening events.
  • 1.5 man-days imaging the Leadership Forum evening events.
  • 17.35 days total combined man-hours to shoot the convention show coverage,
  • 25 assignments, and on-site printing.
  • 14 man-days of post-production editing, imaging, web building, DVD burning, and delivery.
  • Totaling 37.35 man-days to deliver the finished product. (Assuming an 8 hour day)

Processed Data:

  • All frames were shot in camera raw mode for best quality. All frames were reviewed through Photoshop raw processor, for selection, color/contrast adjustments, and jpg generation.
  • 5000 frames shot for the Leadership forum.
  • 21000 frames shot in the 4 days of the Convention.
  • On-site delivery of images via the web, for press releases.
  • 6925 retouched images for delivery.
  • Two DVDs created, one for the general show, one for all the theater events.
  • Printed Memory Book for client archives.

The total storage required a whopping 314 gigabytes of disk space making this a new record for us for a single event. Back in 2008, this represented a single hard drive as the standard drive in those days was only 500 gigabytes.

Here is the published Best-Of-Show portfolio of the show.

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