Year Five of Covering Google IO!

Every year is an adventure in eye delight. From top to bottom the show is colorful and new every year. The event covered three days at Moscone West. The three floors were divided into Registration, SandBox/Sessions, and General Session room. If it grows much larger in attendance, it might have to flow into Moscone North and South.

Google IO attendees at registration booth.

Google IO attendees at registration booth.

The end clients for photography included:

  • Client internal social media team receiving images via Picassa for the world to see in near real-time.
  • Client internal event management team, for internal portfolio usage.
  • The general contractor event management company, who produced the show.

This year’s program was covered by one lead photographer, with a second photographer added in Day 1 and Day 2 afternoons. A digital tech/photo editor made on-site deliveries of show highlights via Picassa to the Google Plus online albums.

Final logistics for this event

Day 1 – Combined 21 hours photography between two photographers, 6 hours for the digital technician.

Day 2 – Combined 16 hours photography between two photographers, 6 hours for the digital technician.

Day 3 – 7 hours photography by the lead photographer.

Total photography – 44 hours and 12 hours for on-site digital technician.



5.5 man-days of combined hours for photographing the entire event.

5 man-days of post-production editing, image retouching and electronic delivery

Totaling 12 man-days to deliver the finished product. (Assuming an 8 hour day)


Processed Data

  • Over 9877 frames shot in camera-raw.
  • On-site delivery of out-of-camera jpgs for social media.

All frames were shot in camera raw mode for best quality. All frames were reviewed through Photoshop Bridge/Raw processor, for selection, exposure/color/contrast adjustments, and jpg generation.


Delivery after post-production

  • 2019 retouched images.
  • 5 time lapse videos.

Local archival storage for this years program totals 233 gigabytes of disk storage.