Game Developers Conference Game of the Year2013 marks the third year of our event photography coverage of the Game Developers Conference.  This is one of my favorite shows for all the colorful characters and personalities.  Located at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, this show spreads far and wide through Moscone North, South and West.  Bay Area Event Photography is one of 2-3 teams hired by the client to cover all aspects of the show.  Our primary assignment is to creatively capture the show to highlight the human experience.    What you’ll see below are the highlights capturing the human experience around the corporate branding.

The end clients for photography included:

  • Client internal social media team receiving images via Picassa for the world to see in near real-time.
  • Client internal event management team, for internal portfolio usage.
Game Developers Conference game bar

Attendees playing at the game bar.

This years program was covered by one lead photographer, who also provided the digital upload to the clients public Flickr account.

Final logistics for this event

Day 1 – 10 hours photography.

Day 2 – 8 hours photography.

Day 3 – 13 hours photography.

Day 4 – 10 hours photography.

Day 5 – 3 hours photography.

Total photography – 44 hours.


5.5 man-days of combined hours for photographing the entire event.

5  man-days of post-production editing, image retouching and electronic delivery

Totaling 12 man-days to deliver the finished product. (Assuming an 8 hour day)

Processed Data

Over 9382 frames shot in camera-raw.

On-site delivery of out-of-camera jpgs for social media.

All frames were shot in camera raw mode for best quality. All frames were reviewed through Photoshop Bridge/Raw processor, for selection, exposure/color/contrast adjustments, and jpg generation.

Delivery after post-production

1960 retouched images.

Local archival storage for this years program totals 233 gigabytes of disk storage.