From the Solutions Desk at Bay Area Event Photography, today we are announcing “Crowd Streaming 2015” for corporate events.

Think of Crowd Streaming as the democratization of the photo printer. Now, all your attendees can send photos to a true photo printer.

Best of all – No App required! Attendees use their smart phone’s standard email and text messages to transmit images.

On top of that, images can be branded and sent to a Jumbotron for a rolling slide show during the event.Crowd Streaming Illustration

Not done yet!

Multiple Open Air Photo stations can be added with a wide range of print layouts, greenscreen, photo strips, and real-time cloud delivery for attendees and corporate clients.

And here it is, all together – Crowd Streaming & Open Air Photobooths.


All Systems Go for 2015! Brought to you by Bay Area Event Photography.  Please contact us for a quote on your upcoming event!