Your Event Photography Resources for 2018 & Beyond!

This past July we announced the launch of Seattle Event Photography. With this, we now have a firm
footprint in three major markets covering the entire west coast.

Why is this important to you? Our business model is to work with local professional talent in the corporate
event photography field. With this extended network, we can be your resource for events around the entire
United States. In just the past couple of years, we have placed photographers in NYC, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin,
San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Seattle, and more…

“We are more than a vendor, we are your team member!” From small events to large conventions across the
US, we play an integral role on your team for communications, social media, documentation, and future sales.
Our vast experience in corporate events, we bring our expertise to you, with teams ranging from small single
person photography, up to the 10 Member Photographer Team needed for national level contentions. Our
strong heritage and alliance of expert photographers are the foundations that make us, “Not just a vendor, we
are your team member!”

So with that, let me say Thanks to all of you who have used our services in the past. I look forward to being of
service to all of you in the future!

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