High Speed Event Photography is a new concept for meeting planners of small conventions and conferences with limited resources. Think of it as the one minute speed networking of events.  The objective is to photograph the widest range of the show elements in the shortest amount of time, for one goal – promoting the event on web, news and social media. Why? A picture is worth a thousand words. What we see is a vast number of smaller conventions and conferences without effective images to promote their event. The main reason comes down to dollars, but its a HUGE missed opportunity to communicate the importance of the event to their market.

For those clients with limited budgets, High-Speed Event Photography (HSEP) is the cost effective way to promote your event. There are two approaches to photography for corporate events – full-on documenation photography of all aspects of the show, generating thousands of images, or fast, precise, photography to generate a few powerful images for promotion purposes. With a few strong images, the success of the event can be conveyed thus leveraging todays show into future shows. The one goal for HSEP is to generate compelling images for web pages, social media, and press releases to convey the success of the show.

For typical corporate events, the photography represents no more than 1% of the cost of the entire show budget. But after the show is over, it’s the only record that remains of the of the event. The lack of truely impactful images is a lost opportunity for the future. The driving force behind HSEP is to allow smaller organizations with limited budgets to leverage our vast experience and know-how into a powerful visual message to their market. Many of these small clients don’t have the budget for full show coverage with high end professional photography services. The HSEP approach captures the highlights and leaves the less important portions of the show to be covered by volunteers. but the core of the show will be covered by experienced professional photography.

What is entailed in this Package?
Full on professional photography using multiple cameras, multiple lenses, off-camera lighting and other tools and techniques. This is no different than our regular hard driven approach to event photography, just on a condensed, shorter time frame. With our 10+ years of shooting small-to-large corporate events, our experience dictates what to look for, and how to capture the high impact images. You leverage our vast experience into creating the high impact images needed for promoting the show, with a limited spend. We can either be your lead photography team, or augment your photographers as an extra set of eyes on the floor.  Additionally, We can place multiple time-lapse video cameras around your event, with delivery of the raw footage for your B-Roll library.

Want to see the results? Here is a gallery of O’Reilly’s SOLID Conference at Ft Mason this past spring.  What you see are the highlights of the first day, the first four hours of the show.


In conclusion; whether you have a one day show, two day show, or longer, you now have the means to have great images to promote your event. By choosing the full-on documentation of the show, or HSEP, you’ll receive a rich history of your event to show the world. Having truly professional images of your show is a marketing imperative. Having great images of your event is a compelling reason for your audience to participate.   This is your ROI.    Please contact us for your upcoming event!