Presenting Apttus Accelerate 2018!  Here is one of the most unique shows we have photographed, ranking it as one of Top Ten shows over the past 10 years.  The venue was once the Exploritorium at the Palace of Fine arts, and now an event venue for corporate and social events.  The Apttus event team transformed the house into an amazing space.  The venue presents certain challenges for running multiple sessions side-by-side. As you’ll see, the solution found was employing LED lit color coded headsets for the attendees for.  Five breakout sessions ran concurrently with four in common spaces using the headsets.  The General Session space was divided by a curtain/air wall to run two of the breakouts with headsets.  It was almost eerie walking through the sessions and not hearing any voices; like watching a movie with the sound turned off.   Outdoor space was used as well with lunch seating under the Rotunda.  This also gave opportunity to the attendees to take a stroll around the park before returning to the conference.

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