The 2013 Strategies in Light conference is a new client for us.  They hold an annual conference at the Santa Clara convention center, located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Given the word “photography” roughly translates from Latin as “painting with light”, we have some common ground.  I hope some day to replace all my strobes with LED low power ones.  Right now, cell phones incorporate LEDs, so we’re just a few years away from this reality.Strategies in Light Conference

Anyway, back to the show.  “Strategies in Light” is comprised of both an Expo to showcase the industries latest LED products, sessions with industry speakers discussing the latest in research development, as well as, applications in new products.  The entire LED industry supply chain was on the expo floor, from chip manufactures, device housings, electrical supplies, all the way to finished products for the business reseller and end consumer.

As far as logistics for Bay Area Event Photography, this show is the model of 95% of our work – one photographer to cover all aspects of the show.  Given the proximity of the show and a linear schedule, coverage only really required one photographer, albeit, one who moves quickly and covers a lot of ground.

Strategies in Light SpeakerThe client’s shot list covered all the show elements, but with separate goals for the client’s multiple marketing purposes.  Though our primary assignment is to capture the human experience around the branding, our goals were also to create portfolio images showing a successful exposition.

So, what you’ll see below, is our standard in capturing the human experience around the corporate branding as well as a few product shots.

The end clients for photography included:

  • Client marketing for expo sales and sponsorships.
  • Client internal event management team, for internal portfolio usage.
  • Client press team.

This years program was covered by one lead photographer who also provided the digital upload to the client.

Final logistics for this eventStrategies in Light vendor

Day 1 – 5 hours of photography, the standard half-day, for workshops and opening reception.

Day 2 – 10 hours photography, the standard full day, for Plenary, Sessions, Expo and evening Awards program.

Day 3 – 4 hours of photography, for coverage of the expo floor activities.

Total photography – 19 hours.


2.25 man-days of combined hours for photographing the entire event.

2  man-days of post-production editing, image retouching and electronic delivery

Totaling 4.25 man-days to deliver the finished product. (Assuming an 8 hour day)

Processed Data

Over 3635 frames shot in camera-raw.

On-site delivery of out-of-camera jpgs for the client press team.

All frames were shot in camera raw mode for best quality. All frames were reviewed through Photoshop Bridge/Raw processor, for selection, exposure/color/contrast adjustments, and jpg generation.

Delivery after post-production

814 retouched images.

Local archival storage for this year’s program totals 67 gigabytes of disk storage.